Eco Friendly

I am now offering a small selection of Environmentally Friendly designs. (hopefully this will grow)

Aqua Packs are made with eco friendly cellophane, eco friendly bows, wooden picks, eco friendly flower food sachets. (unfortunately due to cost to purchase the eco friendly products, the bouquets are the same content size as the non eco friendly designs but with an extra charge of £5 to cover all the costs) eg standard Pippa aqua pack £25.00 non eco friendly, Eco Friendly Pippa Aqua pack standard £30.00.

The bouquets in vases are, which are glass and reusable, but delivered with an eco friendly bow and wooden card holder.

I also have a small stock of these new Stem Gem vase containers which are Tapered vase moulded from 100% recycled UK plastics. Easily reused or returned to point of sale. Can be recycled domestically when they reach the end of their life-cycle. Watertight, lightweight, frost proof & easy to clean.  If you would like to order bouquet in on of these new containers, please call me to order.

Currently have a limited selection on wreath sizes, but these are made in eco friendly, Bio Floral Foam Ring with Naturebase, enabling it all to biodegrade. (please note the clear envelope to protect the message is made of plastic)